Yousra Javed

        Doctoral Candidate
        College of Computing and Informatics
        University of North Carolina Charlotte
        Email: yjaved [at] uncc [dot] edu
        Office: 331 Woodward Hall, UNC Charlotte
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I am a doctoral candidate in the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte, where I'm being advised by Associate Prof. Mohamed Shehab.

Humans are known to be the weakest link in the security and privacy chain; most security incidents and privacy breaches are the result of human errors caused by their inherent capabilities and limitations. My research interest lies in the identification and resolution of issues in ubiquitous security and privacy mechanisms that are related to human errors. Simultaneously, I am interested in developing effective techniques for end-user education and awareness about information security and privacy threats. My research uses mixed methods towards the ultimate goal of giving end-users security controls they can understand and privacy they can control for the dynamic, pervasive computing environments of the future. I use qualitative research methods to develop a research questions and then empirical quantitative research to support formative findings.

My doctoral dissertation focuses on proposing design enhancements for existing privacy configuration/permission authorization interfaces in online social networks to: mitigate policy misconfigurations by incorporating users' sharing intentions, and address habituation.

My research interests also include Active and passive applications of Eye-Tracking in security and privacy, Computer security education, and Big Data Analytics.