Research Projects

Research Areas

Identity and Privacy Management: 

  • The Internet is now a prime vehicle for business, community, and personal interactions. The notion of identity is the important component of this vehicle. However, user’s identities are scattered across isolated Internet sites and various security and privacy issues of identity have been increased. In this research area we have investigated security and privacy issues of identity management.

Access Control Models and Architectures:

  • In today’s generation of information technology, it is critical to manage large-scale networks and distributed systems efficiently and securely. We are motivated to provide novel access control solutions that fulfill the needs of heterogeneous applications and environments. Our research and development focus on leading edge issues of access control, including generic access control models, methodologies, mechanisms, security policies, and innovative access control applications.

Network and Systems Assurance:

  • This research area is geared towards discovering ways to significantly enhance the security of computer networks and the reliability of systems assurance. We articulate the past and current technologies used, discovering their weaknesses and limitations, and aggressively proposing more promising technologies that provide systematic solutions to distributed network and systems.